2018 U1700 Grade Match Draw

Venue is that of the first named team except where stated otherwise.

Captains can agree on alternative venues and dates as long as they are before the scheduled date below.

Round 1

Monday 28th May

Harbord v Cabra-Vale

Wednesday 30th May

Ryde-Eastwood v Burwood

Round 2

Monday 4th June

Burwood v Cabra-Vale

Wednesday 6th June

Ryde-Eastwood v Harbord

Round 3

Monday 18th June

Harbord v Burwood

Cabra-Vale v Ryde-Eastwood

Round 4

Monday 25th June

Cabra-Vale v Harbord

Burwood v Ryde-Eastwood

Round 5

Monday 2nd July

Cabra-Vale v Burwood

Harbord v Ryde-Eastwood

Round 6

Monday 9th July

Burwood v Harbord

Wednesday 11th July

Ryde-Eastwood v Cabra-Vale

Round 7

Monday 16th July

Harbord v Cabra-Vale

Burwood v Ryde-Eastwood

Round 8

Monday 23rd July

Burwood v Cabra-Vale

Wednesday 25th July

Ryde-Eastwood v Harbord

Round 9

Monday 30th July

Harboard v Burwood

Cabra-Vale vs Ryde-Eastwood