2017 U2100 Grade Match Draw


All Matches at Cabra-Vale Diggers 2pm (first named team is at “home”)

Round 1

Sunday 28th May

Rooty Hill v Ryde-Eastwood

Wetherill Park v Combined USYD/UNSW

Cabra-Vale A v Cabra-Vale B

Round 2

Sunday 4th June

Ryde-Eastwood v Cabra-Vale B

Combined USYD/UNSW v Cabra-Vale A

Rooty Hill v Wetherill Park

Round 3

Sunday 18th June

Wetherill Park v Ryde-Eastwood

Cabra-Vale A v Rooty Hill

Cabra-Vale B v Combined USYD/UNSW

Round 4

Sunday 25th June

Cabra-Vale A v Ryde-Eastwood

Cabra-Vale B v Wetherill Park

Combined USYD/UNSW v Rooty Hill (postponed due to Uni exams - must be played before 6th August)

Round 5

Sunday 2nd July

Ryde-Eastwood v Combined USYD/UNSW

Rooty Hill v Cabra-Vale B

Wetherill Park v Rooty Cabra-Vale A

Round 6

Sunday 9th July

Ryde-Eastwood v Rooty Hill

Combined USYD/UNSW v Wetherill Park

Cabra-Vale B v Cabra-Vale A

Round 7

Sunday 16th July

Cabra-Vale B v Ryde-Eastwood

Cabra-Vale A v Combined USYD/UNSW

Wetherill Park v Rooty Hill

Round 8

Sunday 23th July

Ryde-Eastwood v Wetherill Park

Rooty Hill v Cabra-Vale A

Combined USYD/UNSW v Cabra-Vale B

Round 9

Sunday 30th July

Combined USYD/UNSW v Ryde-Eastwood

Cabra-Vale B v Rooty Hill

Cabra-Vale A v Wetherill Park

Round 10

Sunday 6th August

Ryde-Eastwood v Cabra-Vale A

Wetherill Park v Cabra-Vale B

Rooty Hill v Combined USYD/UNSW