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The Rating List is updated 4 times a year (March, June, September and December).

Reading from left to right, the 5 columns below indicate:
Rating | Number of Games Rated | National Ranking | State Ranking | and Name, respectively.

"!!" indicates a very reliable rating. "!" indicates a reliable rating. " " indicates the rating is unreliable.
"?" indicates the rating is very unreliable. "??" indicates the rating is extremely unreliable.

A g following a number indicates the player needs that many more games before he will get a rating.

A x following a rating indicates that it has expired since the player has not played a rated game in over 10 years.
If a player with an expired rating returns and plays in an ACF rated event their new rating will be closely linked and
in line with their performance rating and not necessarily their old expired rating.
A player with an expired rating is not an unrated player.

To view the complete ACF National Rating List, click here.

March 2014 for Grade Matches