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Newcastle Odds & Handicap Tournament (Nicholson Trophy)
Tournament: Newcastle Odds & Handicap Tournament (Nicholson Trophy)
Venue: Gallipoli Legion Club, 3-5 Beaumont Street, Hamilton (Newcastle)
Start Date: 29 Mar, 2015
Duration: 1 day

Registration:    from 9.30 am on the day, or contact Ron Groenhout beforehand
Start time:      10.30 am
Entry Fee(s):    $20
Rounds:          7
Time Control:    15 minutes guillotine
Arbiter/DOP:     TBA
Prizes:          Prize money depends on entries, first 3 places will receive prizes
Enquiries to:    Ron Groenhout  0414 57 1111 or rongroenhout@syneca.com.au
special:         This is a handicap tournament with odds given by the stronger player depending on the rating difference. Details available on request

2015 City of Sydney Blitz
Tournament: 2015 City of Sydney Blitz
Venue: Sydney Academy of Chess Level 1, 30a George St, Burwood, NSW
Start Date: 30 Mar, 2015
Duration: 1 night

Starting Time: 7.30pm

Number of Rounds: 9
Time Control: 5 minutes per player

Entry restricted to the first 50 entries.

Entry Fee: $25 including all titled players
Prizes: 1st $200 2nd $150 3rd $100 U2000 $100 U1800 $100 U1600 $100 & U1400 $100
	 Prizes based on 45 entries

• The event will be ACF & FIDE rated
• Players are eligible for 1 prize only. Unrated players are not eligible for rating-restricted prizes.
• All NSW resident players must be full members of (or join) the NSWCA or the NSWJCL.
• By entering the event, players acknowledge that the decision of the organiser (NSWCA) is final.
• For more information, please contact David Webster, phone 0401 976 378 or email tournaments@nswca.org.au.

NOTE: All players must have a FIDE Identification number.

Australian Citizens & Permanent residents without FIDE id numbers will need to provide DOB, Place of Birth and Citizenship prior to the start of the event or their entry will not be accepted.

Foreign players without a FIDE id number will not be accepted. They will need to obtain a FIDE id number from their National Federation and advise that number prior to their entry being accepted.

2015 Doeberl Cup
Tournament: 2015 Doeberl Cup
Venue: University House, 1 Balmain Crescent, Acton ACT 2601
Start Date: 02 Apr, 2015
Duration: 5 days

Charles Bishop www.doeberlcup.com.au

Link: http://www.doeberlcup.com.au
Newcastle One Day Rapid
Tournament: Newcastle One Day Rapid
Venue: Gallipoli Legion Club, Hamilton
Start Date: 17 May, 2015
Duration: 1 Day

Ron Groenhout

Recent Results
2015 City of Sydney Championship
24 Mar, 2015
2015 City of Sydney Rapid
22 Feb, 2015
2015 Australia Day Weekender
26 Jan, 2015
NSW Blitz Championship 2014
12 Dec, 2014
Ryde Eastwood Open 2014
08 Oct, 2014

Notice Board
Prize Eligibility of Unrated Players (26 Nov, 2012)
Unrated players are not eligible for rating restricted prizes.
Online Registration for Tournaments (25 Jan, 2012)
Online registration is now available for some selected tournaments. Just go to calendar and click on the tournament of interest; an online registration button will appear if the tournament HAS online registration. For all other tournaments please check the brochure, or contact the tournament director.
Player Responsibilities (30 Nov, 2011)
Players in NSWCA tournaments are reminded and encouraged to show courtesy and respect to opponents, which includes being present at the starting time for each round, and if you are unable to make it to your game, be sure to notify the DOP well before the round begins. For more, read the NSWCA Code of Ethics.

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