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Start Date: 01 Jan, 1970

Recent Results
2016 Ryde Eastwood Open
06 Oct, 2016
2016 NSWCA August Weekender
02 Sep, 2016
2016 NSW State Championship
26 Jul, 2016
2016 NSW Rapid
18 Jul, 2016
2016 NSW Open
23 Jun, 2016

Notice Board
Prize Eligibility of Unrated Players (26 Nov, 2012)
Unrated players are not eligible for rating restricted prizes.
Online Registration for Tournaments (25 Jan, 2012)
Online registration is now available for some selected tournaments. Just go to calendar and click on the tournament of interest; an online registration button will appear if the tournament HAS online registration. For all other tournaments please check the brochure, or contact the tournament director.
Player Responsibilities (30 Nov, 2011)
Players in NSWCA tournaments are reminded and encouraged to show courtesy and respect to opponents, which includes being present at the starting time for each round, and if you are unable to make it to your game, be sure to notify the DOP well before the round begins. For more, read the NSWCA Code of Ethics.
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